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    Due to covid-19, artisans had no other way to sell or show their products and skills, which eventually resulted in a drop in income and therefore a difficult situation for them and their families. Since 1982 our workshop is well known for its products which were among the best in the region and in order to preserve and encourage this small business and protect our image, tradition and our history, we created Lamarockinerie to show what the hands of small artisans can do. Driven by the love of our tradition and Moroccan craftsmanship, we thought of going digital and creating a website to be the connection channel between artisans and people who appreciate Moroccan craftsmanship and handmade. and also offer them a new source of income and pass this tradition on to the new generation to leave our mark in the digital world like the real one.

    As a tribute to Moroccan artisans, Lamarockinerie was created to connect artisans with the rest of the world to showcase the potential they have and what their hands can do from the leather that is traditionally treated in the tannery and then worked with love for durable products of premium quality!

    We know what we are doing, after many years of experience, we have learned to select the best leathers for our products, taking your satisfaction as a priority!

    And to guarantee good quality and a wide choice of products, we work directly with highly qualified workshops renowned for their long experience and undeniable professionalism.

    Lamarockinerie is keen to insure shoes, bags, belts, pouches…. All genuine leather and treated naturally with vegetable tanning and best quality to suit your needs and expectations, whether you are young or old, without harming your health.

    Lamarockinerie is more than a brand, it's a lifestyle!